Following you will find some testimonials from international mediumsa, course organizers and clients about my work:

"A translator has the ability to make a tutor look marvelous or ridiculous. Helen never fails to make me shine at my best. I forget she is there which is the highest compliment that you can ever pay a translator."

Tim Abbott, AMTSF,


"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working alongside Helen for several years now both as a medium and as a translator As a medium Helen has a wonderful connection to the spirit world and is one of the best German mediums I have had the pleasure of working with. As a translator because of her connection and closeness to the spirit world it allows her to be in the teachers energy without being intrusive which allows that Oneness between teacher translator and the spirit world. Helen has a fine understanding of the spiritual words used by a medium and the mechanics and science a teacher may wish to express to his or her students. I have worked with translators around Europe for approximately 20 years and I can comfortably say that Helen is one of the best translators I've ever worked with. Anybody who chooses to work with Helen either in her role as a translator or a medium will be in safe hands."

I have worked with Helen on many occasions. In this times I have used her as an interpreter for mediumship and it’s vital that you understand the terminology of that task, and I found it a great comfort that she was able to translate my English to German flawlessly but also understand the terms used because she is also an outstanding medium in her own right. I would recommend her every time as a translator and I would recommend her every time as a medium.

Charlie Kelly,
Adv.Dipl. Platform, 
 Adv-dip CSNU

Helen has translated many Linda Bullock Technique Seminars for me without any difficulty on her part.  The LBT covers words and descriptions most translators would not understand.  However, Helen's ability and talent far outweighs the norm and she has never found any words outside her reach of the English vocabulary.  She has also translated many one to one sittings for me and has helped in a caring and supportive way to help both me and my clients.  I highly recommend her.

"If a medium is not able to work with compassion, then the best contacts with the spiritual world are of no use.


Helen Geier has this characteristic and is really a very good, warm medium. Thank you today for my very first contact with the hereafter. She accompanied me so warmhearted, I just felt good with her.


I was stunned, touched and impressed by how precise the deceased's evidence and information was. The many informations I got were very helpful and for me it is a nice support on my way to have the certainty that he is always by my side. Being able to feel his presence once again was very comforting. "

One cannot understate the importance of accurate translation, especially when explaining the mechanics of Mediumship.

I was absolutely delighted with the quality and speed of Helens excellent work done in terms of the translation itself and the way it was presented.

It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Helen for your translation needs. 

Gary Wright