Welcome to  Spirit - Heart- Soul 

Verbindung zur Geistigen Welt

My name is Helen Geier and it is a great pleasure for me to welcome you to my page.


Spirit Heart Soul - Why did I choose this name?

Spirit - Not just the word for our innermost essence, but also for our loved ones in the spirit world. With my medial contacts I would like to show you how healing and soothing along with comforting and touching the connection and communication with the spirit world can be. 

Heart - I am wholeheartedly committed - warmth, empathy, compassion and the love of the spirit world are the basis of my being and my work - and I want to help you to open your heart, to be close to yourself and find peace in your heart .

Soul- In our indefinite longing dwells the desire for a meaningful and connected life. I would like to accompany you on your way into a trusting commitment to what life demands and wants to give.

My offers include
Medalität mit Herz




Übersetzungen mit Herz


for example 

Linda Bullock-Technik

Linda- Bullock- Technique 

Spiritual Development

Aus-und Weiterbildungen


A session can be arranged and can last a maximum of 3 hours in a row (for example Linda Bullock). The consultation can take place by telephone, Skype, FaceTime, in the practice room or according to agreement in a suitable place for all participants.

I am happy to be available at the first session 15 minutes free of charge for a preliminary discussion, i.e. answer questions, to determine the extent of consultation and the content of the advice.

Fee per unit of time

per ½ hour = 60 € or 65  $

Remote Session/ Remote Healing = per ½ hour 60 € or 65  $
Consultation via phone = per ½ hour
 60 € or 65  $
Skype/Internet/ Facetime- Sitting or Healing =per ½ hour
 60 € or 65  $

Please keep in mind that I often can not offer you any short term dates, so please get in touch in time if you want to make an appointment.

If you want a telephone consultation, please make an appointment by phone or e-mail first

> to the contact possibilities

Payment is made in advance by bank transfer or PayPal